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Hotel El Llorenç: A project, a reality

Last September opened its doors the Hotel El Llorenç, Parc de la Mar and with its opening we closed a very special lighting project. As we already told you in “El Llorenç, Parc de la Mar: Luxury lighting for a 5-star superior hotel”, Espaisillum began to outline the project at the beginning of 2019, following the criteria of the interior designer Magnus Ehrland.

Its privileged location in Dalt Murada, with spectacular views of the Bay and in the historic center of the city, the noble materials used, carved wood, copper, ceramics, the mixture of Arab and Mallorcan styles, etc. proclaim the hotel as a unique establishment in Mallorca.

Kreon, Modular, Simes, Brick in the Wall, TAL, Platek, Flos, Castrolighting, Sans&Souci, Santa&Cole, Slamp, LZF, Zava, Expormin, ICON, Sekelsfite…are some of the manufacturers of the more than 2,000 luminaires used in the project. Each has a special design, some sophisticated, others more sober, some classic, others with a more modern or timeless air, but all with the same goal: To beautify every corner playing with light and shadow, creating a warm and relaxing effect for guests.

The hotel also has a unique space: Restaurant DINS, at the hands of the famous chef Santi Taura. For us it is a pride to have participated in this great project covering the aspect we are really good at: Lighting. And from here, we would like to thank both Mr Ehrland and all his collaborators who have trusted us to carry it out.

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