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Vektron ceiling lighting system, a functional and different solution for your project.

Vektron custom-made ceiling systems are designed for easy installation, offering comfort and efficiency. With their different sizes and versatile designs, you can customize the ceilings to fit the specific needs of your project and offer your customers a unique and innovative ceiling lighting solution.


The luminaires are perfectly integrated into the ceilings of any space, which are available in two attractive colors as standard. In addition, if you prefer you can choose the RAL color that best suits your project.

Each module is made of high quality cold rolled galvanized steel snap-in plates. The low gloss levels of its finishes enhance the overall visual impact and add a touch of distinction to any environment.

Custom ceilings

For custom finishes, Vektron offers you custom-made modules that are available on request. How to get them?

Contact us! In Espaisillum we are local consultants and partners of Vektron and we will be happy to study all possibilities so that your project gets the best solution.

With Vektron ceiling lighting modules, you can benefit from the advantages of clip-in solutions already standardized and ready to install. The plug-and-play design allows for hassle-free installation, while ensuring seamless integration of lighting and acoustics. Vektron ceiling solutions are designed to provide exceptional sound absorption, with a class A rating.

Advantages of Vektron ceiling lighting sets

  • Connect and play.
  • Seamless integration of lighting and acoustics.
  • Sound absorption class A
  • Standardized and ready-made clip-in ceiling lighting sets.

The importance of customization

Vektron modules, renowned for their functional versatility and elegant finishes, have a huge visual impact in any environment. They elevate the overall aesthetic effect, creating a captivating atmosphere that exudes sophistication.

We understand the importance of customization and that is why Vektron offers a wide range of colors and finishes, adapted to your vision and own style.

One of the most outstanding features of Vektron ceiling lighting systems is powder coating with an impressively low brightness level. This remarkable attribute not only adds depth and dimension to your space, but also creates a soft and refined atmosphere. The result is a ceiling system that radiates class and distinction, leaving a lasting impression.

To explore our exceptional range of ceiling systems and discover how you can transform your space, contact us.

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