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Iluminación profesional en Mallorca

Kreon ceiling system

Kreon has devised fully customizable “all-in-one” ceiling solutions that take into account the building’s architecture, sustainability and efficiency, making them ideal for offices and hotels.

Iluminación profesional interiores en Mallorca

Visit our Espai Kreon

Espai Kreon is the point of sale in the Balearic Islands of Kreon luminaires. You will find it in Espaisillum, in Porta Sant Antoni, 4 Palma.

Proyectos de iluminación profesional en Mallorca

200Cent Round, small but powerful

Small… very small! With a diameter of just 26 mm, this LED spotlight is just as small as a 2 euro coin. Hence its name: 200Cent. But also powerful… very powerful!