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About us

“Every space has a story and lighting must be part of it, making it unique.”

Tomeu Frontera - Lighting designer

Espaisillum is a professional lighting design studio. We specialize in architectural lighting and develop and supervise our projects to create more comfortable spaces and environments.

As far as light is concerned, we bet on simplicity and minimalism. Therefore, we propose the right light in the right place, basing our projects on the principle of “less is more”.

Our team

Espais i llum. Tomeu Frontera

Tomeu Frontera

Founder of Espaisillum.
Lighting designer and technical advisor.

Espais i llum. Marilena Aguiló

Marilena Aguiló

Marketing and communication
Spazio Esperienze Mallorca

Espais i llum. Jessica Martos

Jessica Martos

Sales and budgets

Cata Bobillier

Projects and renders

Espais i llum.

Carol Arévalo

Interior designer

Miriam Piovesan


What we bring you

  • A close and direct treatment that allows us to know your preferences and make your project unique.
  • Optimized planning in all phases, to minimize unforeseen events and thus save you time and money.
  • We work directly or in collaboration with architects and interior designers, to harmonize the concepts of the project.
  • Innovation, thanks to our knowledge of the market, the properties of light and the product with which we work.
  • Interior design and lighting renders, made by our team.
  • Our experience as installers is an important advantage in the planning of projects and in the supervision of the works.

Spazio Esperienze Mallorca

We present an independent space, created by Davide Groppi, to invite designers and architecture professionals to know and work on the lighting solutions of the brand.

Spazio Esperienze Mallorca, located next to our studio, is exclusively dedicated to the design of projects and the marketing of Davide Groppi products.

Spazio Esperienze Mallorca
Plaça Sant Antoni, 4 Bj. – Left.
07002 Palma de Mallorca
T. +34 971 498 158
M. +34 683 113 761

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