Lighting projects designed to create unique spaces

Why do you need a lighting project?


Lighting is key
Knowing what type of lighting to use and where or how to place the luminaires is a key factor for the final result and will be what determines the atmosphere of each space. That’s why, when we design your lighting plan, our goal is to capture the essence of your architecture or interior design project and know the important aspects to make it unique and special.

Lighting is an art
The art of transforming spaces, creating sensations, generating calm or more active environments is possible using appropriate lighting. Lighting is part of a whole and is another architectural instrument, capable of enhancing the beauty of shapes and materials.


Add value to your project
A lighting plan is a very useful tool for your project and gives you the opportunity to offer your client added value. In order for the result to be optimal, the lighting study must be taken into account from the beginning and throughout the process. Our knowledge in installation and our work monitoring service will make your job easier.


“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or modifies a space, it is one of the most important elements in all interiors”

Benjamin Noriega – Architect

Consultation and lighting projects customized for each environment

Choose the best options with the best brands 

Besides of being the sole distributors of several firms, we have in our showroom a wide selection of the best brands in technical and decorative lighting, so that you can choose your favorite designs.

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