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Lighting projects thinks to crear ambientes.transformar espacios.generar emociones.

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Why does your project need a lighting plan?

Lighting is key

Lighting is another architectural instrument, which not only enhances the beauty of shapes and materials, but also transforms spaces, creates sensations and generates environments. Therefore, it is a key factor for the final result of your architecture, interior design or landscaping project.

Add value to your project

A lighting design is a very useful tool for your project and gives it an added value that your customers will also appreciate. In order for the result to be optimal, the study and planning of the lighting must be taken into account from the beginning and throughout the process.

“Light is the magic ingredient that makes or modifies a space”

Benjamin Noriega. Architect

Our services

Espais i llum. Especialistas en iluminación profesional


As lighting specialists, we take care of each and every phase of the project, from the design of the plan to the supervision on site, through the elaboration of plans, calculations and measurements. Based on a global concept previously defined, we plan and propose customized lighting solutions, according to the needs and functionality of the projected space.

Espais i llum. Materiales para iluminación


We select the material that best integrates into your project, both for its technical characteristics and for its design, and we help you in the choice of luminaires and finishes. We work with the best brands, to guarantee the quality of the product we sell.

Técnicos en iluminación. Seguimiento de obras


To ensure the success of your project we accompany you from the very beginning. In addition to making follow-up visits, we attend the necessary technical meetings and conduct light tests. At all times we are in contact with the installers and engineers so that everything is executed as planned and solve any technical or unforeseen queries that may arise.

Renders de arquitectura


In addition to conventional architectural or interior design renders, our team produces artificial lighting renders so that you or your client can visualize, in a totally realistic way, the lighting plan we have designed for your project. A complementary service that we provide you to use as a visual tool for your architecture, landscaping or interior design projects.

Control domótico y creación de escenas de iluminación para el proyecto


Home automation control systems mean, in addition to greater energy savings, greater comfort. If you want to integrate home automation in your project, ask us. We advise you on the choice of the control system and the creation of lighting scenes more suitable for your project.

Techos modulares


Vektron’s modular ceiling system with integrated lighting gives spaces an important dimension of functionality and discretion, since it allows the use of the ceiling to integrate, in addition to the luminaires, other services such as audio or air conditioning. A solution, with multiple design options and finishes, which gives each space a unique personality.

Choose the best options among the best brands

In addition to being exclusive distributors of several firms, we work with the most avant-garde brands, both in architectural lighting, for architectural projects, and in decorative lighting, in the case of interior design and decoration projects.

In our study you will be able to know the current trends, see samples of the materials and finishes, and make the consultations you need before choosing the designs that you like or that most harmonize with the concept of your project.

The best light for your space

Proyectos de iluminación para arquitectos e interioristas

If you are engaged in architecture or interior design and need a lighting design for your project, or you are interested in any of the brands we work with, contact us.

Our experience and deep knowledge of the market and current technology allows us to offer you the best lighting options and solutions for your space.

Contact us by phone or by e-mail or, if you prefer, visit us in our lighting studio and showroom in Palma.

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