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What are the advantages of hiring a professional home lighting designer?

Hiring professionals is always going to be much more profitable than ending up doing things yourself. Home lighting is a very technical sector, so it requires people specialized in the subject to achieve a perfect finish. We will see today what it means to invest in good planning in lighting installations, because in Espaisillum we put a lot of emphasis on our client knowing what lays behind a project.. This is where the difference is made the vast majority of times.


Why have a specialist in architectural lighting

Imagine that you have just finished the blueprints of your new home in the Balearic Islands. Finally! You already visualize everything. The furniture, the decoration… but what about the light? Lighting is often too important an aspect to leave in the air, and in a custom-made home, it plays a crucial role as a decoration.

Lighting has the power to create unique environments, to give soul to your space, adding the finishing touch. Therefore, taking into account a studio specialized in home lighting can mark a before and after in the decoration and finishes of your new home. In addition, in the special needs of the climate of Mallorca, better to have someone who understands how to use the products for a better profitability, don’t you think?

Advantages of hiring a professional home lighting designer

We get involved in all phases and work with a quality product. We provide advice and follow-up throughout the process.. This follow-up is carried out from the moment before and during the installations.

One of the services that our customers value most is precisely this advice to decide how, where and how much light to place, the lighting solutions and the monitoring service that Espaisillum offers.

In addition, we offer our renders which allow you to see exactly the lighting that will have a specific room of the house or the spaces that are requested. With the renders we can adjust perfectly to the specific needs, to the desired style and light effect. It is not trivial to have this previous step, because it can allow you to save time and money and some surprise or disappointment because of expectations not met.

Other benefits of having specialized professionals for the lighting of your project

In addition to all these advantages, keep in mind that when the design of the project is finished, in Espaisillum we will be present to make a technical follow-up at the work and solve any unforeseen problem that may arise. For us it is essential that a project is well rounded up, that the client is happy and that the advice is complete.

Proyectos de iluminación exteriores, Mallorca

What happens if a lighting project is not planned well

In such a specialized area, not having expert professionals in the sector can have expensive consequences. This happens when the light points are not well defined or when the lighting that has been chosen is not the most satisfactory (renders help enormously!). You should also know how to assess autonomously, without professional help, the height of the ceilings and the bottoms of the walls so that the installation is accurate. Or try to achieve a visual, aesthetic and functional coherence.

All this can be a big problem, because you do not always have the necessary knowledge to succeed in making decisions. This way, you will realize that it is essential that you have a good professional lighting designer.

Contact us and we will help you design the best version for your architecture or interior design project.

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