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The secret to good lighting landscape

Lighting is the art of working with light. A dark canvas in which, thanks to precise and studied points of light, the landscape is sculpted by drawing with diffusers or projectors in nature and exterior architecture.  

The play of light and shadow can completely transform the landscape creating, as appropriate, totally different environments day and night, with the magic of the night.

Having a professional to design the technical lighting of your garden or terrace will make a big difference It is endowed with charm and drama, creating a light show that makes the most of the outdoor spaces and the nature that inhabits them.

iluminación del paisaje

How to light exteriors and give them a life of their own

In Espaisillum we are specialists in architectural lighting and we have technical andavant-garde solutions that will surprise you and make your garden or terrace a cozy and livable space.

You will be able to create paths, highlight architectural elements or vegetation, combining technical and decorative lighting. In Espaisillum we select materials and luminaires of the best quality and design, because a correct selection of luminaires and a careful distribution allows us to create textures, enhance surfaces, play with lights and shadows … And all this, after a thorough study of the possibilities of each space.

Some important points to keep in mind to light the exteriors:

  • Landscape or road lighting should not interfere with lightingcoming coming from the interior, as it also plays a prominent role in the exterior,just like architectural lighting on facades.
  • General lighting in the landscape is normally lost in the dark.Betting on accent or diffuse lighting is more effective and allowsto highlight the best of each space.
  • For signaling is necessary to use discrete luminaires, which show theway, while fading away in the dark.
  • Architectural lighting on facades is also a point to keep inmind, as it is the key element to give depth and shape to flat surfaces.
  • Excessively illuminating an outdoor space can createlight pollution, generate visual fatigue and alter the feeling of a relaxed or collected environment. You are always in time to add lighting, using portable or floor-standing luminaries, for times when you need more light.
  • Not all luminaires are suitable for outdoor use and, as specialists, we placespecial emphasis on this. The protection index (IP) to external factors such as moisture or dirt is important. If you want a long-lasting installation and, especially in environments such as islands, where saltpeter and humidity make their own, you will need the luminaries to have a high IP. Also, in winter the luminaires suffer from cold and frost, you must protect them.
Proyectos de iluminación profesional en Mallorca

In conclusion, a dream house or building must be able to show with elegance and beauty its character in the night and the nature that surrounds them, thanks to the right amount of lighting. Landscape lighting also has a practical application which is safety.

And all this is achieved with the advice of expert professionals in thecnical lighting.

In our lighting design studio, Espaisillum, we can advise, plan and make the lighting proposal from the beginning to the end, in collaboration with architecture and landscaping professionals, because we like to contribute with additional value to your project.

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