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«Each project must have its own and distinct personality»

Espaisillum is a lighting studio in which we constantly evolve, adapting to new trends, without losing our essence and close treatment to our customers.

«Each project must have its own and distinct personality» – says Tomeu Frontera, Lighting Designer at Espaisillum.

Showroom de Espaisillum

Our work philosophy pushes us to carry out lighting projects with coherent proposals, but above all different “because we are all unique.”

We are specialized in technical and architectural lighting, which we consider the basis of all lighting projects, “the beginning of dialog,” both in interior design and landscaping projects.

We use light as a communication element and we work to make our projects speak for themselves.

This year we have consolidated our architectural visualization service with a great acceptance by our customers. We consider ourselves innovative in this regard, because our lighting renders reflect exactly the light emitted by the luminaires proposed in the project. A particularly useful tool to offer your customers, who can visualize, in a realistic way, the effect of lighting in their home.

In addition, we have launched a website, with a more current design, and we have redecorated our studio, in Palma, making it a warmer and more comfortable place, thinking not only of us, as a team, but also of the well-being of our customers, because “we want you to feel at home.”

If you need a different lighting plan for your project, contact us.

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