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Artificial lighting renders
Proyectos de iluminación global en Mallorca

Renders are a very useful tool to offer your client visual information about the space you are projecting, but they usually show us the spaces with natural lighting.

And you wonder: what will my project look like inside, or from outside, when it gets dark? What feeling will I have? Too much light? Too much darkness? How to know?

What is the use of an artificial lighting render

To get out of doubt. In Espaisillum in addition to advising you and designing the lighting of your project, we offer you the possibility of accessing our innovative lighting renders service, incorporating the artificial lighting that we propose in your project, so that you, or your client, can see, in a totally realistic way, how the lighting of project will look at night.

Also, this will give you the opportunity to modify, according to your preferences or needs, the environments generated by the lighting we propose.

We have already used the wonderful tool that is rendering to create a first impression of what the finish would be. An artificial lighting render is something that helps a lot in our projects. It can also serve you in yours:

In the image we show you a render of the exterior of one of our ongoing projects, with the real lighting emitted by the luminaires at night. For this particular space, we have used luminaires from Davide Groppi and Kreon.

Why include an artificial lighting render in your project

Our artificial lighting renders are an ideal complement to conventional architectural renders with daylight lighting, as they are a way to visually and positively impact a client. Its use provides an advantage and a way to highlight any project, giving it an important added value. On the other hand, using a tool such as an artificial lighting render provides more clarity in any project. The reason is that the client can get a much more precise idea of what the finish will be like thanks to the rendering.

In Espaisillum we work on renderings from an architectural plan or a 3D, which you can provide or which we can model ourselves. From here, we can offer you, in addition to interior or landscaping renders, outdoor lighting renders, interior or plant, with the lighting designed in the proposal.

Contact us to get more information about our new lighting rendering service.

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