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Iluminación profesional interiores en Mallorca

Espai Kreon is the point of sale in the Balearic Islands of Kreon luminaires. You will find it in Espaisillum, in Porta Sant Antoni, 4 Palma, where you will be able to see an exhibition of Kreon products, ranging from luminaires to ceiling systems, and to know its particular unified style, as well as inform and/or purchase any of its articles.

Kreon, marca de iluminación

Kreon style

The Kreon style is characterized by a way of thinking that reduces each element to its essential components. Light and lighting are the main objectives. The light, a detail that can be reflected and integrated into the architecture in its purest form in order to improve and add value to the environment.

Kreon luminaires are not strange elements, but merge with architecture. The product has a minimal presence and leaves all the prominence to the light. The forms are simple and austere. Kreon’s light fixtures are sober and do not monopolize attention. An architect does not want lighting fixtures, but light, atmosphere and comfort. Kreon stands for “purity of lightning”.

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