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We attended the opening of Mallorca Spazio Esperienze by Davide Groppi

They say that in the Balearic Islands there is a special light, but from now on, we will also be illuminated by the brilliant creations of Davide Groppi in his newly opened Spazio Esperienze Mallorca.

Iluminación profesional en Mallorca

A new story that comes to add value to the first four Spazio Esperienze of Milano, Piacenza, Bologna, Verona and now, for our pride, Majorca.

Davide Groppi’s creations and philosophy spread, like light, through new territories and contexts. There are three words that represent Davide Groppi’s approach: Essence, space and light. All of them present in this new Spazio Esperienze recently opened, where designers and all those who want to immerse themselves in their world can be inspired and know their vision.

Spazio Esperienze Mallorca

Set with vintage Scandinavian Danord furniture, it is inspired by two different but complementary essentialities: Scandinavian and Japanese. Davide Groppi’s refined contemporary lighting resonates with typically northern European interior design, made with original antique furniture and objects.

With a very clean line that highlights the purity of the forms, it manages to create a splendid atmosphere where the essential prevails, inspired by Japanese culture and also the mystique of northern Europe. The works of Davide Groppi share with these different cultures the constant search for a delicate light that is only revealed a posteriori, when the curiosity to discover its origin arises. A light “in levare”.

The Spazio Esperienze concept

The Spazio Esperienze concept was born to show all the work of Davide Groppi in the world of lighting, design and the creation of unique environments. The first Spazio Esperienze was created in 2012 in the heart of the factory of these lamps in Piacenza, Italy.

Spazio Esperienze’s family has grown and arrived to Mallorca. A place where we want to offer the visitor an intense, intimate and unforgettable moment that illuminates dreams… and the wish to return.

In Espaisillum we bet on this great designer and we invite you to visit this new Spazio.

Iluminación profesional en Mallorca

Visit Spazio Esperienze Mallorca

Spazio Esperienze Mallorca
Plaça De Sant Antoni, 4, Bj A
07002 Palma, Balearic Islands

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