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Vektron, the ceiling solution for your space

In Espaisillum we always like to inform you about the most innovative proposals for lighting your projects. This time we want to talk about Vektron, the roofing system designed by Kreon.

One of its most interesting proposals are suspended ceilings.

Iluminación profesional, Espaisillum

Vektron modular ceilings offer you a customized solution to integrate not only lighting systems of your project, but also ventilation, cooling, heating, audio, fire protection…

Everything we want to have and do not want to see, in a simple, functional design and in a single unit. Isn’t that fantastic?

Give utility to the ceilings of your architecture project by integrating lighting and more into them.

With Vektron, in addition to maintaining an elegant aesthetic, you will take advantage of the ceilings, which usually go unnoticed in the space around us, allowing to minimize visual impacts, such as registers, and hide the appliances and air conditioning grids or speakers that are usually in view.

The ceiling solutions will bring these anonymous surfaces to life through a symmetrical structure, relief and shadow hollows that sustain the architectural rhythm of the space creating effects, such as rest, order… or even chaos.

A system that allows you to achieve energy savings with high efficiency LED luminaires, simplify waste management through recycling and improve the environmental quality of the interior with acoustics.

Kreon thus seeks to offer a unity in translated design through technical solutions.

Achieving greater comfort in the building is now a reality.

Iluminación profesional, Espaisillum
  • You’ll get sound absorption and attenuation.
  • The lighting you can integrate includes downlights, projectors, direct or ambient lighting…
  • You can give an elegant response to the installation of services that is often problematic for its appearance and difficult to harmonize, such as ventilation and air conditioning with refrigeration and heating.
  • The sound system, with highly efficient integrated audio, installation of invisible speakers connected directly or wirelessly to any audio source.

The finishes are also adapted to your needs and the aesthetics of the place.

Iluminación profesional, Espaisillum

Do you think it Vektron could be a solution for the lighting of your project in Mallorca? We invite you to see it in our showroom.

Contact us and we will help you design the best version for your architecture or interior design project.

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