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The best tool for outdoor lighting in Mallorca
Proyectos de iluminación global en Mallorca

Outdoor lighting usually provides a world full of possibilities. Luminaries that make you dream and that are accompanied by the stars throughout the night. However, on our beautiful island of Mallorca, not everything goes for outdoor lighting. Keep in mind that you play against saltpeter and humidity. Therefore, you need equipment that can meet these types of needs and still provide a great visual experience.

Power the elements

Working on an outdoor lighting project is always a pleasure. To find solutions that adapt to the space, it is necessary to let the imagination fly. In addition, in these cases, we count on the darkness and shelter of the night. This can be a very interesting ally: Diffuse and accent lights will be combined in order to identify, for example, the path to the interior of a home or facility. In this way, the generation of emotions will be a plus.

Iluminación profesional viviendas de lujo

An example is the work we did in Santa Catarina winery where we managed to create a light sweep along the entrance path to the main building. We also played with the vineyards, illuminating a part of the 40 hectares of this winery.

Likewise, in the reforms and projects in which we work, we want to provide a unique approach: A solution that focuses on functionality, but also on aesthetics. To this end, we conceive endless possibilities until we find the right solution.

Using the elements of the place and the architecture allows to find creative solutions. However, do not forget that you must keep in mind the humidity and salt in the air, as well as other environmental conditions. Therefore, opting for elements resistant to these two factors with a high IP, will do a lot for your outdoor lighting projects in Mallorca.

Aesthetics vs. functionality

In addition, when working on an outdoor lighting project in Mallorca, the result can be incredible: Inspiring landscapes, combined with a luminaire that does not leave you indifferent. However, opting a lot for aesthetics or functionality can cause the project to be affected, presenting a lack of balance between both elements. Using brands that provide flexibility is vital for outdoor lighting. In addition, having the advice of designers specialized in lighting, such as those of Espaisillum, will help you achieve that much needed balance.

Proyectos de iluminación global en Mallorca

Quality in outdoor lighting

In short, we must bear in mind that in the Balearic Islands saltpeter and humidity are, in the vast majority of cases, very present. And these elements, in outdoor lighting in Mallorca, can damage the project.

In order for your work to be long lasting and spark many emotions over the years, using elements of recognized and proven brands for these cases is essential.

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