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TeTaTeT and TeTaTeT Flûte, by Davide Groppi

TeTaTeT is a lamp designed in 2013 by Davide Groppi, which transforms every table into a magical meeting place, showing light as a fundamental ingredient of life.

Its simple and elegant design makes it the perfect table lamp to create an idyllic atmosphere, thanks to its intense light. Portable, with rechargeable battery, lightweight and easy to move, Tetatet has no wires leading to an electrical outlet and gives you freedom to carry the light wherever you want. For this reason, it has been the choice of the most important restaurants in the world.

ADI Compasso D’Oro Honorable Mention in 2016.

The Compasso d’Oro Award, established in Milan by a group of architects, designers and industrialists interested in promoting the development of a modern culture and the aesthetics of the industrial product, represents since 1954 the highest award given to the Italian industrial design product; when awarding the product, the jury “recognizes the excellence of the work of both the designer and the company that created it”.

New Version

In 2017 Davide Groppi launched TeTaTeT Flûte, an evolution of the original TeTaTeT, with the transparent methacrylate column and incorporating a rechargeable lithium battery that allows the lamp holder to be practically invisible. The upper is lightweight and seems to be floating in the air, giving an innovative and magical appearance.

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