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Shellby, from Modular: sun by day, moon by night

Shellby is a design by Jeffrey Huygue for Modular Lighting. Huygue explains how he has experienced his creation and how he has been inspired by magic for it.

The overall design looks like a spiral shell or an oyster with a pearl. This inspired the name of Shellby. “The challenge was to adjust a sphere in a volume (…). I played a lot to adapt to the sphere and ended up positioning it out of the center.”

Proyectos de iluminación interiores

Despite always starting his designs on paper, Jeffrey quickly moves to digital and begins to experiment. “I like to put the product directly inside and see how I can play with it, within a specific application.”

  • Asymmetrical design

Shellby also likes magic. The crystal ball seems to float and you’re not sure you’re looking at a sphere or a flat circle”, says Jeffrey. The sphere does not protrude from the body, thanks to its recessed design. And this, in combination with the opal glass diffuser, creates visual comfort, perfect for general lighting. Another reason for Shellby’s magic is that this general light can become ambient, simply by dimming it. It is also available in Warm Dim.

Jeffrey likes to work with durable materials. The body of Shellby is powder-painted aluminum and the diffuser is made of hand-blown glass. To create the right diffusion and resistance, the glass of Shellby has 3 layers. The outer layers are transparent and the medium is opaque. “I like that each Shellby is unique due to the handcraft process with which it was made.”

  • A funny note

On the back of Shellby, you will notice something extra. A welcoming message that adds to its playful personality. They say the devil is in the details… but, actually, it’s about Jeffrey.


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