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Wine cellar and vineyards in Sencelles (Mallorca).
End Date: 2020.

The winery has its own vineyards. The main building houses, in addition to the offices, a wine tasting and meeting room, warehouse, a production space and a barrel room.

The architecture, work of Rambla 9, with its straight lines and corten and earth colors, is perfectly integrated in the land that occupies. The inn is a construction of the last century, reformed, with multipurpose uses (events, welcome to visitors and clients).

In the path that leads to the winery we have used, in addition to the proper road signs, the Keen projectors by SIMES installed in columns that, as a light sweep, illuminate a part of the 40 hectares of vineyards that the winery owns.

In the welcoming house the lighting highlights the rustic elements of the walls and arches, to preserve the essence of its construction at the beginning of the 19th century. Inside the main building, the peculiar lighting is highlighted within the barrel room, where different light scenes have been created.

Architecture: Rambla 9 (Palma)
Lighting: Kreon, Modular y Simes
Photography: Gori Salvá