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Petit hotel located in the core of Sóller.
Finishing date: 03/ 2022

In the renovation, the owners wanted at all times to maintain the original architecture and save the Majorcan essence of the building. Thus, what used to be a home in the center of the town, is now a cozy hotel with just 7 bedrooms. In the communal areas, a nice hall which also accommodates the breakfast area, presenting a buffet, and a pleasant outdoor area in which used to be the patio of the house.

With the aim of respecting the idea of our clients, we’ve designed an integrated but warm lightning project, non-strident and keeping all the prominence of the architecture, its arches, its thick walls… A lightning that clearly transmits the peace the place offers.

The exterior is lit in a subtle and warm way, in line with the interior.

Rands of lightning
Architectonic lightning: Brick in the wall, Platek. Exterior: Simes
Ornamental lightning: Davide Groppi y Santa&Cole
Architecture: Alcuadrado Arquitectura
Photography: © Lluís Bort