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Boutique Hotel in Palma (Mallorca).
End Date: 2021

Small 5 star city hotel with luxury restaurant. It is located in a restored building in the historic center of Palma, which was practically in ruins in 2018.

The architecture project has respected the old configuration of its structure, with a spectacular vaulted ceiling on the ground floor, trying to clearly distinguish the new areas from the old ones.

Most of the lighting has been done with Modular, using the Smart Kup recessed spotlights on the upper floors, the Hypy recessed floor spots both on the facade and on the exterior and the Pista Minude rail in the ground floor.

Lighting: Modular
Architecture: Jordi Herrero en colaboración con Ega Arquitectura

You can see more about this project in the magazine Home & Dècor 2021 of abcMallorca.