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Our visit to Louis Poulsen

Last week we visited with a group of professionals the Louis Poulsen factory in Denmark. There we were able to reaffirm ourselves about the quality and tradition of designs that are currently so fashionable. We had the opportunity to visit the laboratory, where the manufacturing process is carried out, mostly handmade, of the pieces that make up the luminaires. We also visited in Copenhagen the headquarters of Louis Poulsen, its magnificent showroom, and the streets and places of the city where we could see the magnificent acceptance that the brand has in the local architecture.

Proyectos de iluminación profesional
  • Their motto: Give shape to light

Louis Poulsen’s origins date back to the 50’s, when Poul Henningsen completed the design of the PH5, with a three-screen system. His ideas on the duality of light and his designs have marked in many ways the trajectory of his long career. Since then PH5 has been a Danish design icon and still endures.

From here, each design is created thinking not only about the shape of the luminaire, but also about the shape of the light it will project. The quality of light describes and defines each surface and each curve.

Louis Poulsen won the Danish Design Award and Lighting Design Award this year for the design of the wall light Flindt, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Proyectos de iluminación profesional

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