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Meet the 5 Top luminaires of 2022

Soon it will be the shortest day of the year and therefore the darkest. In Espaisillum we want to give light to these dates with the technical luminaires that we have used the most during this year, for their result and their aesthetics. 

We present you the Top 5 for their versatility, both indoors and outdoors. 

 Thimble, from Super Modular:

Recessed, discreet, curvilinear and colorful. 

With this recessed downlight proposal, Super Modular, offers the possibility of creating a discreet and silent light beam, expressing subtlety and sophistication. 
Ideal for lighting residential rooms. Thimble can be installed on almost any wall or ceiling surface. The light source is deeply embedded and emits a pure form and function.

Decide which part of that room needs attention and wrap it in elegant and discreet lighting, which features high quality materials and without reflections.

In addition, its high-end anodized finish, offers you a large list of colors that allow you to create different spaces. Warmer, with silver bronze, champagne and gold. Or create eye-catching effects with black and silver bronze over natural elements. In Espaisillum, We like Thimble  residential projects or small luxury hotels because of its clean and minimalist style. It allows us to give our work that sophisticated touch and adapted to the environment with its various color options.

Up from Kreon 

Do you have to light a facade? Don’t doubt it, Up 40 and Up 80 are your winning choice.  

As for the illumination of facades or walls, we have opted for the luminaire Up from Kreon, with its circular or square model, larger or smaller. Its minimalist and discreet appearance allows architectural elements to be highlighted, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its IP67 rating.

The units are sealed and have an aluminum and plastic construction to offer protection in the most adverse environments; a situation that, on an island like Mallorca, is a detail to take into account if we want the installation of outdoor luminaires to be of quality and durable. 

In addition, for coastal areas, Kreon has a marine version that offers maximum protection from corrosion caused by saltpeter.

Both Up 40 and Up 80 are available as a fixed surface-mounted downlight, for signaling, or linear wall grazer for wall lighting.

Light that emerges from floors or surfaces and that allows us to create the desired effect, to hide and show, with the total certainty that it will not fail us. 

Nulla, by Davide Groppi

“The absence of the support and the essence of light.”  

The Italian designer proposes us Nulla, a beam of light similar to celestial visions. You can’t see where it comes from, but it is there, illuminating, giving prominence to that which deserves your attention. 

We love how it looks in our most ambitious and decorative projects, such as in boutique hotels or private homes. An extreme work of subtraction, with a challenge achieved in electronic and optical design. 

What does Nulla allow you to do? Attracting the eyes of your audience to the illuminated subject, nothing distracts. The essential to generate a powerful light, with mysterious and dramatic air.

Minude, by Supermodular Lighting

There is no more flexible luminaire than Minude by Super Modular, which, thanks to its extreme adjustability, allows you to rotate it 360º and reach an angle of 90º parallel to the ceiling or wall.

A tubular projector that will surprise you with its cylindrical and naked design, giving a minimalist and elegant style to your project. In addition, Minude provides you with a wide variety of options, from suspended to suspended, semi-recessed in wall or ceiling. 

It also allows you to include it in a lane with which you can play with different luminaires and beam angles. A very interesting option to highlight elements or architectural details and add an exclusive spark to your minimalist design.

Perfil Nuit, by Kreon 

Kreon fits your needs by offering a downlight system with continuously adjustable light points. 

Nuit, made up of modules in a discreet dark plane, can be recessed, attached, surface mounted, suspended or hung indoors.

In this way, Nuit allows you to illuminate your custom projects and its advanced LED system with a thin TIR only requires a slim 100 mm spacing to deploy a variety of angles: spot (12º), flood (29º), wide flood (40º) in different light temperatures. 

Its style will allow you a discreet and elegant lighting or create more creative and sophisticated facilities.

If you want to know more about these and other luminaires and their best use, do not hesitate  to contact our studio.

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