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Kreon Up 40, small and versatile

The smallest product in the Kreon Up family stands out for its minimalism and optical functionality.

Thanks to its small size, Kreon Up 40 offers as many application options for the architect as those of its larger predecessors. The luminaire can be used both indoors and outdoors due to the value IP67. This means that it is dust and water resistant and is therefore suitable for architectural lighting of outdoor areas. The marine-grade aluminum and stainless-steel case also ensures that the lighting can withstand the harshest conditions.

  • Vertical lighting, without blinding effect

Spotlights that glow from the bottom up sometimes have a blinding effect, but with Kreon Up 40, as with other Kreon luminaires, the LED module is placed at the bottom of the luminaire. It can also be optionally equipped with an anti-glare grid. This grid allows to direct the light to the millimeter to create a vertical lighting that fully highlights the building. Kreon Up 40 has its square and round version and finished in black or white tempered glass. The sandblasted polished stainless-steel edge (natural PVD or black coating) provides a refined touch.

In addition to as an upward focus, Kreon Up 40 is also available as a surface mounted downward spotlight.

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