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Kreon, the light brought to architecture

In Espaisillum we are committed to quality brands that set trends, as is the case of Kreon.

In Kreon they claim that their collection represents a way of thinking that reduces each element to its essential components. Light and lighting are the main objectives, something that many value as an essential aspect when choosing a brand to bet on in terms of lighting.

One of the objectives of Kreon is to integrate into the architecture in its purest form in order to improve and add value to the environment. It is an important question for them to fit into all the different architectural styles, which means a constant study of the trends that are in force at all times.

Proyectos de iluminación interiores, Mallorca

It is well known that light is a very important aspect, both in homes and businesses. That is why every detail must be taken care of and the brand Kreon, available at Espaisillum, achieves it.

The product design approach of the brand Kreon confirms that the details of an object are not merely decorative, but are key to the essence of the product as a whole. Kreon products, in their simplest forms, do not give rise to an austere minimalism, but they translate into an architectural object that communicates with space, regardless of style.

This, combined with careful elaboration, represents the true meaning of architectural lighting, an essential aspect for the brand and for Espaisillum.

Today, architecture is based on right lines and angles, which gives sobriety and a timeless look to the spaces, aspects that Kreon also achieves in its designs. In addition, these do not stick to an area in space and time, but are more universal achieving a perfect fusion with architecture, whatever their style is.

Proyectos de iluminación profesional, Mallorca

Kreon achieves something that many brands want: That the product has a minimal presence and leaves all the prominence to the light, our greatest ally. This is achieved by betting on simple and austere forms, in which the lighting accessories are sober and attention is not focused on them. Again, they fit perfectly with all their surroundings.

The brand, with the help of our professionals, will give you the opportunity to create the conditions needed to get the beauty and architectural design in the space.

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