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Kreon ceiling system

Kreon has devised fully customizable “all-in-one” ceiling solutions that take into account the building’s architecture, sustainability and efficiency, making them ideal for offices and hotels.

Kreon ceilings are 100% compatible and allow to integrate all the installation systems of a building:

  • Acoustic solutions (acoustic absorption and attenuation)
  • Lighting (ambient lighting, spotlights, projectors, optics,…)
  • Ventilation and air conditioning (cooling and heating)
  • Audio (integrated high performance speakers)
Proyectos de iluminación profesional, Mallorca
Proyectos de iluminación interiores
Proyectos de iluminación interiores
Proyectos de iluminación interiores

All Kreon ceilings systems can be equipped with the same technical functionalities and metal plates are available in a wide range of colors and perforations.

Kreon’s metal ceilings can be configured and customized to perfectly adapt them to your idea. Kreon can even develop new solutions for particularly difficult areas.


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