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How to light up your living room: 6 tips

The living room is the room of the house where you will probably spend most time and where you receive your guests. Therefore, the living room together with the terraces has taken a great prominence. Stop and think a little, how many things do you do in the living room? Surely, like us, you have managed to use all the fingers in your hand with different ideas.

For this reason, because we spend a lot of time in it and we do it in different ways, we have to take care of the lighting.

Iluminación profesional viviendas de lujo

A good lighting and according to the uses that we are going to give to our living room, will make us enjoy the double. Here are some tips to light your living room as it deserves:

  • Think about your lifestyle or how you want to live the living-room and you will know how to light it up. For example, if you watch TV a lot you should use an indirect and soft light, so that the light of the television has all the prominence.
  • The general light in the living room should be indirect light, dimmable, warm and soft. If there is a dining area in the living room, the light should be totally different; whiter and, for example, on the dining table with several points of light on it.
  • Back-up lamps. You can use them when there is still some light or when you are going to watch TV and/or read. If you place it next to the sofa you will give a lot of use in addition to a warm touch.
  • Lightning the storage areas. If it were the case that in the living room you have a stained glass or shelf, light them with direct light could be a good option to give it a different air. In this case, we recommend using led light to forget about the invoice.
  • Mix of styles. Choose the lamps well and do not be afraid when mixing styles. Divide the living room visually according to the uses you are going to give it and do the same with the lighting, a type of light and lamp for each space.
  • Playing with symmetry and repetition can be a good trick to give the room a greater personality.
Proyectos de iluminación viviendas, Mallorca

Of all the tricks that we have told you, which would you put into practice?

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