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How to illuminate without being seen?
Proyectos de iluminación profesional en Mallorca

The key premise in the project of Meem Townhouse: incorporate the hotel lighting in a discreet way. Also create a relaxing, calm space that manages to highlight the architecture of a building from the year 1800.

The restoration of this Mallorcan house, in the heart of Sóller, has been based, above all, on the preservation of the original architecture, the traditional finishes and some of its decorations.

When it came to the design of the interior lighting, our team was very clear that the installations would be discreet, with hardly being present on the ceiling. Its owners wanted a space to reconnect body and soul with the environment.

In technical lighting we have opted to use small recessed ground spotlights from Platek, prearranged asymmetrically (one per arch) with the intention of creating half-moons in the original arches.

On the walls, without sticking out, Brick in the wall is the chosen brand, with its model Normall. It integrates perfectly into walls, creating the effect that it is the walls themselves that give off light.

Simes up-down tubular tiles have been used to highlight the character of the building’s façade. A perfect option for its powerful light that illuminates from the floor to the roof. Its narrow beam also allows you to play with chiaroscuro.

Proyectos de iluminación global en Mallorca

We have not left a space without lighting and in the garden are the spikes of Platek those responsible for creating the best atmosphere, with a punctual lighting of the plants that decorate it.

Finally, our proposal in decoration arrives. We have had the most iconic luminaires: The Santa & Cole Cestita and as the high point, the suspension lamp Moon by Davide Groppi. The pearl of the house, which illuminates the entrance hall and warns you that you are going to start a special, unique and pleasant journey.

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