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Hollow, invisible and visible at the same time

Hollow is the latest in Modular, a mystical glow in one instant, direct light to the next. Two luminaires in one.

The artist Charlotte de Cock tells in a totally innovative video her interpretive work of the Burning Man festival, inspired by the mysterious light of Hollow.

Designed by James Van Vossel, Modular’s newest luminaire is a surprise waiting for you to discover it. When it is open, it is straight, down, or up. Closed, the luminous luminaire transforms into a silent and bright cavity, perfectly fitted, with a slight indirect light reflected in the inner cup.

Proyectos de iluminación interiores
  • Swift to the touch

Hollow is equipped with an extremely smooth rotation system that allows it to open at a 90º angle. Or 60º or 45º or any other intermediate position. Move the tube, thin, steerable and reversible to truly understand its versatile effects. Hollow is a recessed luminaire that works beautifully on the ceiling or on the wall. With a slight raised edge, or mixed with the surface, almost invisible.

  • Play with the light

Move Hollow and create architectural highlights in special places. Open it and use its direct light to outline the details. An evocative painting on the wall, an area on the ceiling or an enigmatic chest that keeps secrets. Close the tube flush with the surface and create mystical and relaxing environments.

  • Embrace the warmth of colors

But there is more: Colors. Not only the colors of the cup and the tube, which can be combined, but also the additional light source reflected in the internal curve of Hollow. It creates a contrast on the surfaces with a black cup which, at the same time, will give the surprising effect of a very soft glow. Open Hollow and let the light shine. Close it and you will witness a fascinating glow.


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