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El Llorenç, Parc de la Mar: Luxury lighting for a 5-star superior hotel.

This summer is scheduled to open the Hotel El Llorenç, Parc de la Mar, in the historic center of Palma. The establishment, decorated by the renowned Swedish interior designer Magnus Ehrland, will be a unique venue in Mallorca. Ehrland wanted to create a new hotel concept, with a fresh and modern style, in which elements of the Arab and Mallorcan culture converge.

“This project is a great bet for us, not only for its size but for the deserved prominence that the decorator gives to lighting.”

His clear vision of what he wants and his flexibility when it comes to studying new proposals make working with him very constructive.

The location of the hotel, in Dalt Murada, gives it privileged views and its orientation provides natural light throughout the day.

For the night, Magnus chose a line of lighting that combines modern luminaires with others of classic design and with the intention of creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, but also very elegant. With these premises of timelessness and elegance we have worked, from the lighting of the facade to the spa, through the reception, rooms, restaurant, bathrooms and solarium.

Proyectos de iluminación interiores, hoteles

Below, we explain the luminaires we have used, but first it is advisable to distinguish, in very general terms, between technical lighting and decorative lighting. In a very basic way, decorative lighting, as the name suggests, forms part of the decoration of the space. We could say that it decorates and lights, in this order. On the other hand, technical lighting gives way to space… although it is not always the case. Later we will see that technical lighting can also take center stage fulfilling two functions: To light and decorate, in this order.

For decorative lighting wall sconces, suspension lamps, floor lamps or table lamps are often used. They are usually another element of the decoration of the room and provide ambient lighting.

Technical lighting has the ability to achieve the desired light effect by going unnoticed, integrating in a natural or minimalist way into the space, without being by itself the focus of attention. It allows you to play with the angle of opening and in this way give prominence to decorative objects, to architectural lines or to the space itself. White or neutral luminaires that are recessed into ceilings are usually used for this purpose, such as spotlights or profiles, or small and simple mini projectors or wall-mounted wall sconces. But, as we have said, it is not always the case.

Technical lighting can also stand out and be part of the decoration of the space that at the same time illuminates. This usually happens when we use a color other than white that makes them stand out.

In this project we have worked with technical lighting in both senses. Thus, the decorator chose for the 33 rooms tubular and adjustable micro projectors of Technical Architectural Lighting in copper color, which are strategically distributed on the ceiling. The mere fact that they are in copper already gives them a relevance that they would not have if they were in a white or neutral color. It has also been used in copper the downlight Bonjour, by Flos.

Proyectos de iluminación interiores, Mallorca

In the desks a table lamp Tab T, also by Flos, provides a decorative element with simple lines that fits within both classic and more current environments. On the other hand, for the bathrooms we have opted for an IP54 lighting integrated with the white tubular downlights Smart Lotis of Modular, fulfilling the function of lightning without highlighting more than their simple lines.

The luminaires used in the gym are different. We are referring to dome lights. They are also a technical luminaire, but as the gym is a large space, located in the basement, which lacks natural light, we will need a more uniform and powerful lighting. For this, we have proposed the luminaires Flat Moon, by Modular, which also provide a comforting skylight effect.

In all common spaces and transit areas, technical lighting coexist, where we have made a clear commitment to Kreon, and decorative wall lights and suspension lamps, of various brands. The Kreon circular recessed spots that we have used are the Aplis. They are characterized by the minimal dimensions of their finish and the deep position of the LEDs, which provide a subtle sensation of light without the uncomfortable view of the light source. It uses the best leds modules in its category and offers a discreet but functional solution to general or accent lighting in architecture.

In the same line, the Holon, which we will also find in the restaurant, is a cylindrical recessed downlight that is characterized by its compact shape and comfortable light. The peculiarity of the Holon is that it incorporates a 360º rotary adjustment and a 90º angular adjustment that, combined with the chosen aperture, is a truly versatile lighting tool.

As for the decorative lighting, the luminaires chosen by Magnus Erhland, denote their good taste and, strategically placed in each of the corners that conform the common areas, provide the glamour and fit with the design concept that is pursued.

For example, in the bar, the quintessential meeting place in any hotel, the originality of the Rothchilds’ Ship Pendant suspension lamp stands out, which combines the inspiration of nautical lighting with polished luxury metal, and the miniature projectors finished in copper from TAL and that we have also used for the rooms.

Iluminación profesional hoteles

In the restaurant, the sophisticated Mondrian wall lights by Castrolighting are especially striking. Its design is inspired by the unique works of art of the painter Piet Mondrian and it consists of several pieces with square geometric shapes. This exclusive piece of custom lighting combines two different finishes, brushed and hammered, applied by hand in the brass, in this case nickel-plated in matte. The lightning strives to convey the balance through square forms that lead to a soft diffusion of light, giving the surrounding space the cozy atmosphere of all time.

The Sexta suspension lamps, by Santa&Cole, placed in the corridors of the ground floor, as the only decorative element, symbolize elegance by themselves. Its composition, a light circle of double-sided screens, gives it a sober style with lots of light and very well nuanced, while renewing the old tradition of medieval iron luminaires with multiple sources.

Iluminación profesional hoteles

The lavish point is provided by Sans&Souci lamps, all made of glass combined with metal. Different designs between the Zore, SpaceBall and Simphony, create a unique pattern that provides a spectacular game of contrasts.

Inspired by the world of haute couture, a field with which the designer is very familiar, Veli, from the brand Slamp, stands out above all. This lamp uses perfectly studied folds and drapes to form decorative three-dimensional volumes.

The spa lighting is also impressive with the luminaires designed especially for this space. The interior designer was clear that he wanted very specific circular screens made of thin sheets of wood above the pool. We had to engineer them to comply with the appropriate regulations for the water area.

Iluminación profesional hoteles

And let us not forget the lighting of the facade, for which we have used Climber floodlights by Flos, in the same color as the railings, creating a play of light and shadow that highlights the simplicity of its architecture. These outdoor luminaires with LED light and die-cast aluminum body are installed with a compact stand precisely to get a better architectural integration. In addition, they have a high-strength coating that guarantees impermeability and ensures the uniformity of the light beam generated by each LED, maintaining an optimal luminous efficiency.

In short, an elegant mix of style, between sophisticated, classic and current, that will not leave indifferent to its guests and visitors.

In Espaisillum we are looking forward to seeing the final result to keep informing you!

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