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Decorative outdoor lamps: Light up your terrace with charm

Summer arrives, and with it the possibility, the need and above all the desire to make the most of the terraces. The lighting of outdoor spaces is a fundamental factor to create the environment we want and it is so important that, depending on how we do it, we will achieve a more intimate, cozy and relaxing environment. There are many types of luminaires and ways to do it: Through wall sconces, beacons, led lighting, suspension lamps, floor lamps or table lamps. For this we will take into account our needs and what kind of environment we want to recreate. Then we just have to enjoy our outdoor space.

Today we focus on decorative lighting for terraces and balconies, particularly floor lamps or table lamps, which give us warm lighting and also give a special touch to the decoration.

On the other hand, they have the extra advantage that we can change them and use them both outside and inside, thus being a useful value and a decorative element anywhere and throughout the year. The ones we present below are some of our favorites. In all of them, quality and design go together. They are as beautiful as they are different and surely among them you will find some that fits your style.

  • In&Out, by Metalarte

Its one-piece structure and the light it provides give all the prominence to this design by Ramon Ubeda and Otto Canalda, for Metalarte. With a heavy base that gives it stability, it is available in white and red, both in its stand and table versions.

Iluminación profesional hoteles
  • Pamela, from Metalarte

If you prefer something more discreet, Metalarte also offers you the slender and charming Pamela Outdoor. By the same designers as the In&Out, it’s a take on the classic indoor Pamela. Both the screen, column and base are made of steel, painted in white, with a special exterior paint that protects it against corrosion. If you want a touch of elegance on your terrace, this is your choice.

Iluminación profesional hoteles
  • Sampei, by Davide Groppi

With an oriental touch and more minimalist, we highlight the design of Sampei. Its thin and long arm, attached to a reel in the solid base, provides a slight swing that reminds us of a reed. It is adjustable in height and fully adjustable. A floor lamp with a lightweight design that will perfectly illuminate your table or any decoration object that you want to highlight, because if there is anything special to Sampei is that it is able to give prominence to everything that is put in front of it … or rather below.

Proyectos de iluminación global en Mallorca
  • Jaima, by Marset

For a cozier atmosphere, you may prefer the Jaima floor lamp. As its name suggests, its design is inspired by the tents of the Bedouins of North Africa, using a textile material that sifts the light. It is available in various sizes and colors and is extensible and rotating.

With a Jaima on your terrace the charm will be served.

Proyectos de iluminación global en Mallorca
  • Buzze, by Supermodular

    If your terrace is not big or you have a balcony that you can take advantage of for summer nights, maybe something smaller would be more suitable, like Buzze, a portable luminaire that generates a soft and diffused light. Thanks to the dimmer switch, operated with the power button, you can choose the mood of your choice. Although it is a mainly outdoor luminaire it can also be used indoors. Its cubic design adapts to more minimalist environments.

Iluminación profesional hoteles
  • Follow-me, by Marset

    If you want a more romantic version, you’ll love the Follow-Me portable lamp. Its oak handle and its white and tilting screen invite you to grab it and take it to any corner. You also have it in Plus size and you can use them as a table lamp or simply on the floor, outside or inside, even take it for camping. Both have a three-position dimmer.

    Their advantage: They are autonomous and cordless, they have a micro USB input that facilitates recharging.

Proyectos de iluminación en Mallorca

If you like any of these outdoor luminaires or need advice on how to light your terrace, we invite you to stop by our showroom in Espaisillum or contact us through our email: or by phone: 971 447 683.

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