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Davide Groppi: Spazio Esperienze in Mallorca

Davide Groppi’s Spazio Esperienze are special meeting places where lighting designers can create, together with customers, the right light for their project.

These spaces are born from the need of the brand to have a closer contact with people interested in sharing emotions and knowing first-hand the results of their work.

Since 2021, there is in the Balearic Islands the new Spazio Esperienze Davide Groppi Mallorca, where we can advise you and offer you innovative solutions for your lighting project.

Iluminación profesional en Mallorca

Essence. Space. Light.

Three words that define the thought of Davide Groppi, for whom light is a wonderful way to seduce and excite, in addition to playing a fundamental role in our life and in our activities.

Since the beginning and until today, its purpose is to use light as a language to tell stories and, both its lamps and its projects, have been governed by the same concepts: Simplicity, lightness, invention, emotion and surprise.

Davide Groppi has been particularly active in the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) and some of the world’s most famous chefs have chosen Davide Groppi lighting solutions for their spaces.

Over many years of experience, he has developed products in collaboration with specialized design companies and has received prestigious awards for some of his creations, such as Sampei, Neuro, Nulla or Tetatet.

Call to make an appointment or book here your visit. You can also request remote advice through a video conference.

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